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A Message from Lynda

A Message from Lynda

Creative Genie CEO

Hi, I’m Lynda, also known as the creative genie. That’s because I love to make stuff. It’s like a compulsion. I get inspired by the simplest most complexly beautiful thing this wondrous world has to offer – a sunset, a tree, raindrops trailing a path down a windowpane, car headlights in puddles – I get all fired up inside, like I can literally feel the creative energy bubbling up and wanting to be formed into something and I channel that energy into many creations – artwork, books, designs. I’m also a bit of a techy geek and have spent quite some time tinkering with code and stuff in my previous life in the corporate world of web development.

I have had the divine pleasure of working with many inspirational soul sisters and brothers over the last ten years, using my skills, gifts and experience to support them sharing their gifts in the world.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what I do, I guess on the surface you could call it design, illustration, creations – but really it goes deeper than that. I connect with people on a deeper level, a soul level and tap into the source essence of their vision, their desires, their business, and help to create what they need to make it happen.

Be it branding, graphics, webistes, illustrations, print materials – it’s not so much about individual services as about providing a rich creative and technical support, becoming a team member, a co-creator.

If this is speaking to your soul and ou are launching your biz, birthing a new project, or just taking things to a new level, book in a reative strategy session below and let’s explore how I can be able to help you.

Genie Time

Creative and technical support and services available in hourly retainer packages!


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